More Resources

Here are some more resources which you might wish to explore!

***This book, by Ann Garland in 2022, titled Pursuing a Career in Mental Health, offers a helpful overview of educational pathways and testimonials from professionals. She highlights the art and science of the field, offers practical suggestions on training trajectories, and emphasizes the importance of ethical and multicultural skills.

***This book, by Kim Metz in 2016, titled Careers in Mental Health: Opportunities in Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work, is a great overview of several common career pathways for aspiring therapists. The focus on critical thinking and encouragement to explore all options prior to finalizing plans are both especially important.

***This web guide, from Melissa Himelein at UNC-Asheville, is a thorough review of 15 specific careers in the helping professions. It includes job descriptions, training paths, descriptions of typical duties, and a projection of the job outlook. Although becoming dated (1999), it is very detailed and informative.

***This database, called Graduate Study in Psychology, powered by the American Psychological Association, is a great way to search for grad programs (specific to psychology) to further your training. This service is relatively new and the database is updated annually to reflect any changes in programs.

***This Psi Chi article, by Tony Crespi and Mikayla Alicandro, titled Dreaming of a Graduate Degree? Options and Opportunities in a Dynamic Market, addresses nine key questions one should be asking if considering a role in the mental health job market.

***This web overview, from UCLA, organizes several common career paths in the helping professions and gives descriptions of their typical job duties.

***This set of data tools, by the American Psychological Association’s Center for Workforce Studies, is a great way to explore trends in the psychology job market today, including information about degrees awarded, patterns in occupational outcomes, and more.

***This set of online resources, by the American Psychological Association, called Individual Development Plans, serves to help aspiring mental health professionals and others build a sort of ‘map’ from where they are in career-life to where they’d like to be.

***This website, titled Careers in Psychology, offers descriptions of career pathways and training routes for many sub-fields in psychology, social work, and counseling. While it is supported by advertisements and has many external links, much of the info is relevant and helpful.

***This book/website combo by Austin Kane, titled Hidden Careers in Psychology: For Psychology Students Who Want to Work in Applied Settings, has lots of interesting paths to consider. It is recent (2022) and explores many unique paths to building careers using applied psychology, by sharing interviews with experts about how they formed their careers.

***This website, titled Explore Health Careers, offers brief descriptions of many different careers in the broader area of health/medicine. Especially for students whose interests may be on the line between physical and mental health and other forms of human functioning, this could be a great resource to review.

***This book, edited by Amanda Kracen and Ian Wallace, titled Applying to Graduate School in Psychology: Advice from Successful Students and Prominent Psychologists, would be a great resource for anyone knowing they specifically wish to pursue a psychology career.