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There are many routes to becoming a mental health professional in the state of Michigan. Amidst what may seem like an overwhelming variety of opportunities, what is the right training pathway for you? This site aims to help light the way toward your goals.
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Hello and welcome to MI Mental Health Helping Professions, a site dedicated to guiding Michigan’s aspiring mental health professionals toward career pathways which fit them best. Here you can find information and resources about many of the training and career options available. Want to be a therapist and don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s see if we can help.

What can I get from this website?

Career Information
The bulk of this resource is a set of standardized descriptions of many career pathways in the mental health helping professions, specific to those living and working in the state of Michigan (USA). Each career description page will include answers to:
-what is this?
-who does this?
-where do they work?
-how do they get that job?
-why are the driven to do that?
You will also find information about local organizations focused on that topic, links to training options, details about licensure paths, and more! Choose “Careers” on the menu or click here to begin learning.

Pathway Comparisons
Aspiring mental health professionals often have questions about the similarities and differences between certain career routes. The “Frequently Asked Questions” pages provide information intended to help inform your decisions in comparing relevant routes, as well as answering common practical curiosities about these sorts of careers and the pathways involved in pursuing them. Choose “FAQ” on the menu or click here to find some answers.

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Spending some time perusing these pages will hopefully prove useful as you get ready to embark on your career voyage! Please reach out if anything can be clarified further, or if any of the materials appear to need editing or updating. Feedback is absolutely welcome, the intent is to be as helpful as possible. Thanks!

Numerous parts of the site are still very much “under construction.”
Thank you for your patience!