This section is a quick shout-out to all the folks who have helped me build this resource. Your generous offering of time, ideas, and support is much appreciated. Thanks!!!

First and foremost, I must thank all my students! Your willingness to ask me questions, share your career stories with me, and invite me to be part of your educational journey has inspired me to learn more so that I can offer the best advising and mentorship possible. Next are some individuals who offered specific consulting and expert interviews on the design and content of this set of webpages:

Tony Alvarez, LMSW – input on experiential/adventure therapy
Shaun Bangert, MFA – input on art therapy
Sophia Bradley, MS – input on genetic counseling
Brittany Burns, MS – input on master’s level clinical psychology
Randall Christensen, MS – input on forensic psychology
George Corser, PhD – input on website design
Bradley Demijohn, MD – input on psychiatry
Travis Faustin, MA – input on graduate school applications
Jennifer Fiore, PhD, MT-BC – input on music therapy
Autumn Heddy-Reed, LMSW, ATR-BC – input on art therapy
Gary Hornfeld, LMSW, LMFT – input on equine therapy
Melissa Garmo, PhD – input on forensic psychology
Kailie Kipfmiller, MA, BCBA, LBA – input on ABA
Amanda Kracen, PhD – input on counseling psychology
Kaitrin Kraly, BA – input on graduate school applications
Heidi Lang, MA, LPC – input on career counseling
Mari MacFarland, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA – input on ABA
Olivia Nelson, BA, RBT – input on ABA
Chrissy Pacewicz, PhD – input on sports psychology
Whitney Pashak, BS – input on PSLF, student loans, and finances
Lynn Simons, PsyD – input on practitioner-scholar training model
Gary Stauffer, LCSW – input on experiential/adventure therapy
Connie Sung, PhD, LPC – input on rehabilitation counseling
Dori Swiercz, MA, LPC – input on school counseling
Andy Swihart, PhD, LP – input on clinical neuropsychology
Audrey Waterman, BS – input on wilderness therapy
Garry Waterman, LMSW – input on school social work
Tasha Williams, MS, LMFT – input on marriage and family therapy
Stephanie Wisniewski, BA – input on graduate school applications

Last but certainly not least, I wish to thank Saginaw Valley State University and specifically the Department of Psychology for their support! The SVSU administration granted me a sabbatical in part to conduct the background research for building this resource, and my departmental colleagues have each made important contributions through their discussions with me over the years. Thank you all!